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At OneHead Hair we aime to offer the best quality quality at affordable prices. An essential part of our philosophy is that everyone should have the chance to afford and benefit from this life changing solution, which is why we offer you these two paynment possibilities.

Option 1

Pay as you go

From only

895 $USD

per system

+ Stylist’s service charge (Where Available)

Option 2

Pay monthly

From only

210 $USD

per month

+ Stylist’s service charge (Where Available)

More information about orders

  • Free Consultation With Our Specialists
  • Handcrafted Custom Made Hair Systems
  • Unique and Premium Quality Indian and European Hair (Human Hair)
  • Full Range Of Customization (Colour, Density, Style, Direction, Length, and more)
  • Professional Range Of Hair Systems Maintenance Products
  • 12-14 Weeks Production And Delivery Time
  • Full Training Program For You And Your Chosen Hair Stylist

More information about pricing

Are the systems available worldwide?


All our products are available worldwide. We offer free private consultations and product selection assistance wherever you are located.

We will also guide you and teach you via video chat how to use the product and fit it on your head yourself. That service is available worldwide as well.

We now have 3 opened locations in Canada (Vancouver Toronto and Montreal), 1 in the UK (London), 3 in the USA (Los Angeles, New-York and Orlando) and 1 in Spain (Madrid) where you can go in person to get the re-groom services, but this is only an additional point of service if you reside in those cities.

It is not necessary to have a point of service to use the OneHead products.

Are the prices available in other currencies?


They are also avaiable in 3 other currencies

Canadian Dollar: $995.00 (+tx)
British Pound: £665.00
Euro : €745.00

You can see the different currencies at the very last product selection screen on our SHOP section.

Is the monthly payment option available worldwide?

Yes it is.

Just ask our specialists during your consultation and he/she will give you all the details about the monthly payments.

How does the payment monthly plan work?

Because we wish to offer an afforable product for all types of budgets, we allow our customers to split the cost over a certain amount of months.


Plan 1: Pay as you go (Monthly)

Purchase one system, with the cost splitted over 3 months, with 3 equal payments.


Plan 2: Fidelity Program

If you are a regular OneHead client and you don’t want to worry about how and when you will need to purchase your next system, we offer you the Annual Program.

With our annual program, you choose how many systems you want to get in the next 12 months and we will add on the costs of the systems for you, split the payment in 12 installements and arrange a Direct Debit with you.  This program also comes with a 10% to 20% Fidelity Discount.

*More information avaiable with our specialists.

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQ page. You will find many answers to the most popular questions asked by our clients and if you can’t find the answer you are looking for, get in touch with us directly using the form below or via the Contact Us page.

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